add bash script syntax on Eclipse

Using the update site

Use the regular install method with the following update site link

Using zipped update site

  1. Download
  2. Select Help > Install New Software…
  3. Now select the “Add” again, use the “Archive…” button to select the downloaded zip-file as source.
  4. Install ShellEd

Important note: ShellEd is compiled with Java 7, it might work with Java 6 but it’s not tested, so ensure you’re using Java 7 with Eclipse. If you use Java 6 you are on your own though I’ll happily apply any patch to fix compatibility. Thank you to zero_sum, who wrote: “After changing the -vm arg in eclipse.ini and restarting I can see my shell scripts in all their glory.”

To check ShellEd is installed:

  1. Select Help > Install New Software…
  2. Click What is already installed?
  3. Look for Shelled in the list under the Installed Software tab.
  4. Try opening a shell script with a .sh file extension. It should be syntax highlighted.
  5. Try creating a Shell Script Project (File > New > etc.). Create a shell script. Put a common Unix command in there like “cat”. Double-click cat. A man page for cat should pop-up after a short delay.